Corporate Teambuilding

Ready to have something epic to talk about at the cooler on Monday? Your journey to the perfect team building experience starts here! There is a range of great opportunities for you and your company at the Cosmeston Dragon Boat Festival 2019 not least the benefits of high morale and a well bonded team.


Why is Dragon Boat Racing so good?

– An effective means to bring individuals together from different educational and social backgrounds and orient them to a common goal

– The success of an organisation depends largely on the trust between employees and their teamwork, dragon boating lets the workforce move together as one meaning they have to be in time with each other and rely on the whole team.

– These activities and exercises assist in the development of a healthy working environment which is key to boosting productivity.

– Team building is a process that helps employees assess themselves and also understand their team’s members. It helps analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the team members, therefore enabling the management to promote their strengths and train them to overcome their weaknesses.

– Most importantly it’s great FUN.


It really is all about you and your brand, looking for increased exposure? Register your team with one of our many fantastic corporate branding opportunities, each offering different levels of branding and awareness, I am sure if you are looking for something a little bit special we would be able to accommodate so please contact us. Your team participation in the festival can also be a key factor and element in your Corporate Social Responsibility policy

Enter your team today, your team taking part bringing together the local businesses and the community for a truly remarkable day as well as supporting a charity of your choice.


What more could this day possible offer…

Well there is more, as well as all the benefits of CSR, Team building, networking with other local businesses and the community, fundraising for a great cause, Branding, awareness and not to forget FUN.

We can arrange for your company to have a “challenge race” with other companies in the third round of racing, you can challenge your colleagues or other companies to have this grudge match between you to see who comes away with the bragging rights of the office.

Your head-to-head teams will be seeded so they don’t meet during the early heats and only come together in the last qualifying heat for what will then be, your own inter-company head-to-head challenge. Let the battle commence.

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Are you ready to “Race The Dragon” on the Cosmeston Country Park lake?

And for as little as £25.00 each for a whole day's fun!